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The green spaces surrounding our developments are opportunities to protect nature, enhance diversification and improve well-being

Nature and Biodiversity

  • Investigating the ecological footprint of each development to create a site-specific mitigation, protection and enhancement plan
  • Landscaping with trees and shrubs to enrich the surrounding ecosystems
  • Habitat creation for key protected species
  • Shelters for invertebrates, insects and birds, protecting and promoting biodiversity
  • Sustainable urban drainage measures, considering the effect of climate change on global weather patterns

People and Places

  • Electric vehicle charging points, with infrastructure for additional charging points as required
  • Bicycle parking shelters
  • Schemes to minimise car travel
  • Develop a green transport plan in collaboration with local planning authorities

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Q&A: Panattoni Europe CEO – “India is a lifetime opportunity for us”

Robert Dobrzycki, CEO & co-owner of Panattoni Europe and India, on why the firm is...

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